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What you need to know about Photography

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Photography was first invented by NicéphoreNiépce and it entails different meaning in every individual. Its word comes from a Greek word which means “drawing with light”, it could also mean as the act of creating a picturesque photo or even an art photo by recording them with the use of technologies.

Photos are essentially helpful in looking back memories of special events or days in our life, some takes photos because of its main purpose which is communication, some takes photos to please themselves and as a professional skills but for others they take photos to share the experience such as bungee jumping or events like overseas pre wedding photoshoot, the information on a certain place or a thing  or merely to entertain other people. It is nice to have people record or capture their own emotions and feelings in different situations.

The Basic principles in taking a photo for the photographers are:

  1. The balance which is considered as a compositional technique that fits objects within a frame in equal visual weight. The photo is balanced if every aspect of the photo gets your attention.
  2. The pattern is used as a secondary element. A good pattern would easily create a good rhythm, with the use of lines, shapes, and colors in a photo or picture.
  3. Harmony arrangement of objects or item in a photo that is pleasing to the eye, it happens with the use of similar elements into a single piece that brings it together as a masterpiece. A great piece to look at since it is in the form of art.
  4. Unity could be a piece of art by taking pieces or parts of art or image that are unified by composition. It could be totally different objects that are united once arranged.
  5. Contrast is divided into two types which are the tonal contrast differs in tones from light to darkest or white to black color, while color contrast refers to the way the colors link with each other.
  6. Proportion is said to be perfect when a photographer captured a well-proportioned photo base on its quantity, degree, size, color, or setting.
  7. Variety, an overly harmonious could be bad in a photo that is why a little tweak in a photographers perspective could give variety to its photos. It could be achieved by adding a different color, size, and shape. The main goal is to guide the eyes of its viewer throughout the art.
  8. The movement focuses on moving objects that create effects or a sequence of frames such as animations and films.