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Mistakes to avoid if you want your ex-boyfriend back with you

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Does love really hurt? No, it doesn’t. What really hurts is the rejection. That’s why most of us develop severe insecurity issues over the time that are very hard to overcome. After a breakup, there is this time period during which the heat is still there – the romantic heat based on feelings. It is during this time that there is hope to get that fire started again. If you’re a girl who just want to make things work… it is perfectly possible. But in the process of reconsolidating everything, you must not sabotage the progress.

Here are 3 mistakes that every woman must avoid during the post breakup duration if you want your ex back with you.

  1. Getting your male friends to interfere

In the male perspective, there are certain ethics that have been there forever. There is some sort of the ‘bro-code’ as well. You as a woman must understand that sending a male who is not so friendly with your ex to tell your ex how much of a great girlfriend you are, a bad idea is. Why? Because that’s how we are – we do not want some guy come up to us and tell us how good the woman can be. Hence, if you’re thinking about it that, abort the mission. But there is a big chance of clearing the smoke if the gay was approached by one mutual best friend. It is better if it is a ‘he’.

  1. Not admitting what has to be admitted

If you did something wrong, and you’re certain that the guy knows it – admit it. Sometimes this is the one and only thing that you need to do to get things back on track. Sure, he might start scolding to vent out his frustration, but doesn’t he deserve that? But what if that it was actually him who messed things up but blindly believe that it was your fault. How to get your guy back at an occasion like this? Just admit it. It doesn’t matter as long as you get what you want. Maybe with time they will understand the reality but then again it also doesn’t matter.

Not being patient enough

Things like these aren’t like vending machines. If you want super-fast results, then it is just not going to happen. Since love and relationships are things that need to be built slowly, you should give it the time that it deserves. That way, as you’re working on the whole thing, you would see that the person is changing for good.



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