Do’s and Don’ts of picking a videographer for your wedding

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“Storytelling is a creative project of real life” or so they say… whatever the occasion may be, be it a wedding, a graduation, a campaign or just general content for marketing, it is crucial that we capture the right tools to tell the story, but more so when it is your big day! Videography has become one of the most sought after methods to present your story today so that you can go back and relive every aspect of your day. But when speaking of videography, there are many cinematographers out there which might leave you feeling overwhelmed, hence some of the top things you might have to consider is their most recent work, style, quality and price to get yourself an overview of who you are hiring amongst other things that will be provided below.

Jive with the videographer

When picking out a videographer you should make sure that you can jive with them from start to finish. You need to make sure that your videographer jives with you as a couple to the same beat if you are to get the best of the best on your day specially considering that this is what you will have to brag about your perfect wedding to your friends, kids and grandkids. Believe me, having the perfect story will make you want to brag even if you have a policy against bragging! Being filmed all day is not going to be a great experience, believe me when I tell you that there will be moments you and your partner will want to lock up your videography crew in a closet! But there is a way to make this easier. This solely depends on the person/people behind the lense. Getting someone who understands you as an individual and as a couple will help ease out the possibly frustrating process of being filmed all day. So it’s time to grab a cup of coffee, or anything you like for that matter, with a couple of people and begin your hunt or that perfect videographer.

Make sure you really like their previous stories

It’s not just how well you connect with a specific videographer. Connection can mean so little if their work isn’t exceptional. Watch some of their recent and old work, understand how far they’ve progressed and understand how they tell each story. See if that is how you want your story to be told. There may be some videographers who use the same old methodologies in telling someone’s story. You want your story to be unique, you need to find someone who has a number of stories being told in very diverse ways. You need someone who can make you cry or tear watching a completely unknown persons wedding. If you find that person, you’ve got it all.


It’s your big day, you need to make the best of it! There’s many film production company in Singapore that can help you do this. So switch on your computer, or even your phone and research on possible videographers out there.


Happy Searching and good luck on your big day!

Easy Tips On How Can The Photographer Have A Successful Family Photo Shoot

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For photographers, family photo shoots can be challenging especially during the busy season. However, family photo sessions are fun if you have just put everything in place. However, you can have a nightmare if the details are out of place. Thus, to help you navigate into the session, here are some tips that you can try to achieve success:

Talk With the Clients Regarding the Clothing

Usually, the client at corporate portrait photography Singapore will be discussing with you the details regarding the shoot. This will start on helping your client decide on what to wear during the session. Oftentimes, the outfit choice will break or make the shoot. There are clients who are 100% okay with your suggestions while there are some who have their own ideas.


You should talk about your past experiences with your clients to make the photoshoot amazing. These things include the locations, lighting, and choosing colors that will not contribute to providing issues on the skin. For example, suggest to the client that neon colors and bright pink can cast color on the skin and ruin the captured photo. Moreover, large logos can make the image to become timeless. It is also a good practice if your shots are sitting or standing, so you can advise the ladies regarding wearing a skirt.


Talk About the Behavior of the Children

Sometimes, clients are concerned with regards to the behavior of their children. It is a nice idea to let clients know that they don’t need to prepare their kids to look at the camera and smile. With this, the kids will show up to the session upset and looking at you dreadfully.

As such, you can try the candid shots which are always the best. In some cases, this requires the subject to not look at the camera.

Make sure to let your clients know that any behavior of the kids is fine. Reassure the mother and father that as long as you get the shots needed, there is no need to reprimand the kids.

Give Instructions to Capture all the Best Moments of the Family

As soon as the session begins, you can tell the family members to just walk over on the spot to be ready. Then, tell them that you are adjusting the camera and the lights needed. The more unaware the families are with regards to the camera pointing at them, the more relaxed they will look like in the pictures.

Then, proceed in giving a series of directions to the family members. You can tell them that it is not necessary to always look at the photographer.

How To Make Your Product Launch a Success

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We know introducing a new product to the market would be an exciting prospect. But you need to understand that you simply cannot enter into the market. Instead, it is important for you to have a product launch. This is the only way you would be able to let the public know about the product that you are planning to launch. Furthermore, not only would you be showcasing the product to the public this way. But you would also be creating hype around it. Therefore by the time, the release dates roll around people would be excited to purchase this product.

Select a Venue


When it comes to product launches we know that many think that the venue of the event is not important. That is because your goal is not to showcase this venue. You would be hiring the corporate videographer Singapore to video the product. But it is still important to select an amazing venue. That is many guests would be associating the product with the venue. Therefore if you want to increase your sales make sure to select a good venue. This should not only be able to accommodate everyone that you invited to this launch. But it should also be centrally located. That is because you don’t want the guests to go out of their way to reach this venue.


Select An Appropriate Theme


It is also important to select a theme for this product launch. But keep in mind that it cannot be some obscure theme. Instead, it needs to compliment the product that you are launching.  For instance, if you are releasing a new hair product you can have a fashion show showcasing different hairstyles. You can also encourage the guests to wear various updos. This way you can not only get the guests excited about this event. But you can also make sure that they engage with this launch.

Have Entertainment


No matter what type of product launch this is it is important for you to have some form of entertainment. This can be anyone from a standup comedian to a band. But make sure that even this entertainment compliments the product that you are launching.


In this day and age, we understand that new products are hitting the market nearly every day. Therefore products similar to the one that you are launching may already be available. Thus, that is why you need to take every step necessary to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. The best way to accomplish this task is by following the above tips.

Before I place my order online….

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It is my best friend’s birthday tomorrow and I want to send her a bouquet of flowers. But I can’t quite recall her favourite flower. Help me!

Unless she is ardent fan of a certain flower or there is not a flower that revolts your friend there is a ton of arrangements you can go with. Yellow is a colour universally accepted to convey happiness and friendship so it is a definite must have in your choice, though you can’t recall a favoured flower I am sure you have Intel on the favourite colour and that will go a long way. So a bit of yellow and a lot of her favourite colour almost completes the bouquet. So I would say that you can take a breather now, we got you!

If you call in well before business hours start even on that particular day, we can offer you same day flower delivery Singapore

Will the bouquet that is being delivered do justice to the bouquet as advertised on line?

I understand that you may have had an unfortunate event previously that disappointed you. But the pictures displayed are of the actual bouquets that were sent out and with the very slight change in colour due to the device you are viewing from , there is no way we will disappoint you.

How do cancellations work with regard to flower deliveries?

Each store would have a specific policy they follow, this will depend on the strength of their operations and the frequency of them receiving stocks. While I cannot guarantee that it applies to your vendor, I would say that the return policy would be to refund you money with a minimal processing fee if your cancellation is least 5-3 days ahead of the date of delivery. On cancellations that happen via a rushed call on the day the delivery is scheduled I would not count on receiving a refund!

What if I want to visit your store?

There are some florists that operate on the viral platform with no customer facing boutique but I would say that the majority of them do have a corporate office that serves as a centre for clients to come meet them. If you are visiting them to view a particular arrangement or a type of flower it is best to call ahead to ensure that your requirement can be accommodated. Flower shops work around delivery schedules and supplier visits. So calling a head will save you a lot of trouble.



What you need to know about Photography

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Photography was first invented by NicéphoreNiépce and it entails different meaning in every individual. Its word comes from a Greek word which means “drawing with light”, it could also mean as the act of creating a picturesque photo or even an art photo by recording them with the use of technologies.

Photos are essentially helpful in looking back memories of special events or days in our life, some takes photos because of its main purpose which is communication, some takes photos to please themselves and as a professional skills but for others they take photos to share the experience such as bungee jumping or events like overseas pre wedding photoshoot, the information on a certain place or a thing  or merely to entertain other people. It is nice to have people record or capture their own emotions and feelings in different situations.

The Basic principles in taking a photo for the photographers are:

  1. The balance which is considered as a compositional technique that fits objects within a frame in equal visual weight. The photo is balanced if every aspect of the photo gets your attention.
  2. The pattern is used as a secondary element. A good pattern would easily create a good rhythm, with the use of lines, shapes, and colors in a photo or picture.
  3. Harmony arrangement of objects or item in a photo that is pleasing to the eye, it happens with the use of similar elements into a single piece that brings it together as a masterpiece. A great piece to look at since it is in the form of art.
  4. Unity could be a piece of art by taking pieces or parts of art or image that are unified by composition. It could be totally different objects that are united once arranged.
  5. Contrast is divided into two types which are the tonal contrast differs in tones from light to darkest or white to black color, while color contrast refers to the way the colors link with each other.
  6. Proportion is said to be perfect when a photographer captured a well-proportioned photo base on its quantity, degree, size, color, or setting.
  7. Variety, an overly harmonious could be bad in a photo that is why a little tweak in a photographers perspective could give variety to its photos. It could be achieved by adding a different color, size, and shape. The main goal is to guide the eyes of its viewer throughout the art.
  8. The movement focuses on moving objects that create effects or a sequence of frames such as animations and films.

Must haves in every birthday

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Each year we celebrate our birthday, it takes a lot of time and effort when it comes to preparing such, especially for our children. As parents, we always want the very best for them, moreover on their special day of celebrating their life and existence. A party cannot suffice of how much we are thankful for them and love them, but at least in our little way, we are able to make them feel it. These are the must haves for every children’s party, heck you can even have one for teenage parties as well as for adults.


Awesome Face Painting and Fun Temporary Tattoos


Who’s the artist in your home or neighborhood? Request that they help make your birthday additional enjoyment by face painting and applying fun transitory tattoos on your birthday visitors! In the event that you have a wilderness or safari subject, paint whiskers of various creatures on the cheeks of the young men and young ladies. On the off chance that they would prefer to have a tattoo, pick a subject that coordinates your gathering, from sparkle tattoos to fun tattoo wristbands.

Incredible Craft Projects


Keep the children caught up with having a great time with incredibly fun art ventures! Have them plan their very own goody pack with a Design Your Own Tote Bag Kit and let them top it off with reasonable yet fun bring home treats. Young ladies will love to make their own adornments, so stock up on globules and let their creative abilities go wild! Your creating potential outcomes are unending. Truth be told, you simply need some creative energy and a couple of art supplies.


Fun photobooth box

A great way to give giveaways to your guests by having a photobox malaysia. It is just an amazing addition for your family and guests to enjoy because they can take unlimited photos for hours and have those photos printed out right then and there for your guests to have as a souvenir from your child’s birthday bash! What makes this fun is that there are accessories that they can wear to make the picture

more interesting!


Candy and Snacks


Sweet isn’t just an ensured hit with children, however it’s an incredible birthday party beautification! Sprinkle sweet wax lips on the birthday table and put out some Pop Rocks amid artworks. Mess around with it!

Make your children’s birthday be a dream come true not only for him/her but also for everyone’s guests as they enjoy the party with these lying around the place. It will truly be a memorable moment for everyone to have, but what matters most is that your child was extremely happy to have such birthday party.


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Top Benefits Of Hiring A Planner For Your Events

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We do things on our own because we sometimes distrust the experts. We believe we know how to do it better. However, what we do often lead to disasters. When it comes to managing an event, you must give the moment to the professionals. An event planner can do everything flawlessly. He can make the celebration become the most memorable moment of your life. Now, here are some more benefits of hiring a planner for different occasions:

Avoid Catering Disaster

You can partner with the best caterers in the town but you can still experience problems at the end of the day. Maybe the food might not be enough to all attendees. Or the style was not according to your plans. The main reason why you experience this is that you haven’t dealt with caterers in the past. But the event planners are experts on this. They know how to talk with the caterers and make sure that nothing goes wrong on the day of the event.


Choosing the Best Venue

In choosing the best venue, you will be faced with lots of questions. You need to determine the difficulty of reaching it, the weather during the event, and the guests’ requirements. Thus, inexperienced people can ignore some of these questions. You can end up choosing an unsuitable location which can be hurtful for the celebration.


Do Everything According to your Decisions

Contrary to common beliefs, event planners like the corporate event planner singapore do everything according to their client’s decisions. They spend some time to meet and listen with you. Thus, you have to explain everything that you want to the planner. Forget about all your worries with regards to the event. This is the job of the planner and you must trust him with this.


Take the Best Pictures

Whether a personal or business event, you always want it to be special. You wish to stay fresh it in your mind for a long time. As such, you take lots of pictures. However, you are not sure of what kind of light will be best for your event. That’s where the event planner is needed. He can help in setting up the light and finding the right photographer. With good lighting and photographer, you can have quality pictures.


Save Money

Others believe that hiring planners can cost you a fortune but this is not actually true. Hiring the services of a planner can even help you save money. Due to their years of experience in the field, they know various suppliers and contractors. With this, they can partner with the best transporters, photographers, caterers, and hosts. You can get quality services at an affordable price. Moreover, event planners know in what aspect of the event is important not to waste money.

How to perfectly plan your wedding day

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Weddings are one of the most grandly celebrated occasion any everyone’s life and we will want it to be perfect. It’s not always about the dress and the food. There are many things you might need to plan literally months ahead of the wedding. Since you have to make sure that everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong on your big day. However certain couples prefer having a simple wedding and certain couples prefer a grand wedding. Depending on their liking. And certain couples would like to invite lots of guests and come prefer inviting close family and friends. However even if it’s a grand wedding or a simple one, you should always be prepared and note down what things you might need and do before your wedding day. Below are some of the idea on how to plan your wedding perfectly.

Plan the date before head

Date is one of the most important things that one must plan before anything. Since certain venues, caterers, or even your guests might not be available on the days you plan. So you have to make sure that you have chosen a date where all your guests can be present at your wedding day. Even when it comes for the food caterer and venues, you have to give them the exact date of the wedding to see their availability to avoid any disappointments at the end of the day.

Choose your videographer and close the deal

If you couldn’t find a videographer when you are almost near to the wedding day, you might be able to find actual day wedding videographer Singapore  and give them an idea on how you want your wedding to be taken and what kind of locations you have chosen. Its best you tell them the theme, locations and what your ideas are on how you want the video to turn out.

Find a suitable food catering service

Finding a suitable food service can be a bit hard, since they have to create something that you have requested for. Be it a buffet or even a la carte menu, make sure you give the catering service the food you want and how many guests you will be expecting at your wedding.

Select the venue before head

If you are planning out a destination wedding or even your reception at your hometown, you have to book your venue ahead before it gets booked by another couple. Once you pick you location make sure you tell them how many guests will be invited and the seating as well.  And brief them about the setting as well so that they know exactly what you are expecting.

Importance of Promotional Films in Advertising

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Gone are the days when promoting your business is limited to print forms of communication. In today’s busy and dynamic world communicating using a medium that allows for live feeds or even recorded films is becoming very important.

But is it really necessary and is it really worth the money you have to pay? Based on expert opinion commercial videography singapore is considered one of the most flexible means of communication.  Let’s look at some of the benefits you can make by using this medium.

  • Increase in sales: experts are of the view that videos can speak louder than static images. They are considered as tools that can really boost your sales by increasing conversion rates for an example that are derived from websites. Companies that have films made about their products and services are better able to convey their product messages to their target audience.


  • It is a god investment: though mostly this tool is considered expensive it is able to pay great dividends on your investment by reaching more people and getting more conversions. Research shows that customers are not overly worried about the quality of the film of the product or service advertised is clearly explained.


  • Trust creation: in today’s dynamic business environment gaining customers and keeping them is a major issue. In this environment gaining trust is of utmost importance. So rather than simply trying to sell products and services create content that provide valuable information to buyers and potential customers. In this way you can engage your audience better and create lasting relationships. Video content is able to do just that. It enables the creators to hold the viewers interest for long and appeal to their emotions.


  • Search engine use: Google and similar search engines work well with moving content such as video’s and short films. Research says that organisations that have video content on their websites are able to hold site visitors longer on their sites creating opportunities for sales. However, all such content need to be cleverly optimised for SEO and have links that allow customers to take action.

  • Smartphone use: mobile phone users are widely engaging in video content that is online. They are more likely to watch them on their phones than the TV. This population is ever increasing so targeting them and making use of the technology is good for business.


  • Explaining things are easier: using films or commercial video’s allows companies to explain things about their products or services in much more engaging ways than any other medium. Boring items or less interesting facts too can be presented in engaging ways.

So there are really no limits to what you can do with this medium.

Weddings: their evolution over time

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Grandma and grandpa had a simple ceremony at the church. My parents had an intimate function at home and my sister tied the knot in a well-lit hall with 200 guests in attendance. That is not all that has changed in the wedding business. Today couples go into great lengths to make the dream wedding happen, this is all thanks to the commercialization of the whole concept that came in with the leaps and bounds technology and communications has developed into.

The question to ask really is, how far is anyone willing to go to make this happen. Yes we all have are dreams and aspirations but there are some who pull off wedding that makes our life look like a really shabby collection of life events. But it is nice that many have the financial means to make their special day happen exactly as they want it to be and there is no hate there.

Wedding are anexpensive affair, some might argue it to be vain too. But there are few things that nobody wants to compromise on and photo booth services Singapore is one of them. It is a very important part of any wedding that happens today and is quite an engaging one at that too. There are the basic versions of them with the option of just taking the picture and there are versions of it which includes live feeds that play during the event to versions that pictures can be instantly uploaded into social media or even be printed out immediately. There are many other ways you can add in the fun element into these photo booths. Many service provides offer to set up themed booths. This works amazingly to complete the feel of the event in a grand scale as it has the ability to make the whole event feel like it is more put together or co-ordinated. Then there are booths that let you customize your message, back drop and even the border your picture is printed in. though all of them might not some like much, these little details have the ability to make the guests feel more welcome and included at the event.

At the end of the event, it is actually only the pictures that we will have of any great day that has been a part of our life and it is great that people are coming out with innovative ways to document our journey.

Let’s raise a glass to many happy days more!