How to perfectly plan your wedding day

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Weddings are one of the most grandly celebrated occasion any everyone’s life and we will want it to be perfect. It’s not always about the dress and the food. There are many things you might need to plan literally months ahead of the wedding. Since you have to make sure that everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong on your big day. However certain couples prefer having a simple wedding and certain couples prefer a grand wedding. Depending on their liking. And certain couples would like to invite lots of guests and come prefer inviting close family and friends. However even if it’s a grand wedding or a simple one, you should always be prepared and note down what things you might need and do before your wedding day. Below are some of the idea on how to plan your wedding perfectly.

Plan the date before head

Date is one of the most important things that one must plan before anything. Since certain venues, caterers, or even your guests might not be available on the days you plan. So you have to make sure that you have chosen a date where all your guests can be present at your wedding day. Even when it comes for the food caterer and venues, you have to give them the exact date of the wedding to see their availability to avoid any disappointments at the end of the day.

Choose your videographer and close the deal

If you couldn’t find a videographer when you are almost near to the wedding day, you might be able to find actual day wedding videographer Singapore  and give them an idea on how you want your wedding to be taken and what kind of locations you have chosen. Its best you tell them the theme, locations and what your ideas are on how you want the video to turn out.

Find a suitable food catering service

Finding a suitable food service can be a bit hard, since they have to create something that you have requested for. Be it a buffet or even a la carte menu, make sure you give the catering service the food you want and how many guests you will be expecting at your wedding.

Select the venue before head

If you are planning out a destination wedding or even your reception at your hometown, you have to book your venue ahead before it gets booked by another couple. Once you pick you location make sure you tell them how many guests will be invited and the seating as well.  And brief them about the setting as well so that they know exactly what you are expecting.

Importance of Promotional Films in Advertising

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Gone are the days when promoting your business is limited to print forms of communication. In today’s busy and dynamic world communicating using a medium that allows for live feeds or even recorded films is becoming very important.

But is it really necessary and is it really worth the money you have to pay? Based on expert opinion commercial videography singapore is considered one of the most flexible means of communication.  Let’s look at some of the benefits you can make by using this medium.

  • Increase in sales: experts are of the view that videos can speak louder than static images. They are considered as tools that can really boost your sales by increasing conversion rates for an example that are derived from websites. Companies that have films made about their products and services are better able to convey their product messages to their target audience.


  • It is a god investment: though mostly this tool is considered expensive it is able to pay great dividends on your investment by reaching more people and getting more conversions. Research shows that customers are not overly worried about the quality of the film of the product or service advertised is clearly explained.


  • Trust creation: in today’s dynamic business environment gaining customers and keeping them is a major issue. In this environment gaining trust is of utmost importance. So rather than simply trying to sell products and services create content that provide valuable information to buyers and potential customers. In this way you can engage your audience better and create lasting relationships. Video content is able to do just that. It enables the creators to hold the viewers interest for long and appeal to their emotions.


  • Search engine use: Google and similar search engines work well with moving content such as video’s and short films. Research says that organisations that have video content on their websites are able to hold site visitors longer on their sites creating opportunities for sales. However, all such content need to be cleverly optimised for SEO and have links that allow customers to take action.

  • Smartphone use: mobile phone users are widely engaging in video content that is online. They are more likely to watch them on their phones than the TV. This population is ever increasing so targeting them and making use of the technology is good for business.


  • Explaining things are easier: using films or commercial video’s allows companies to explain things about their products or services in much more engaging ways than any other medium. Boring items or less interesting facts too can be presented in engaging ways.

So there are really no limits to what you can do with this medium.

Weddings: their evolution over time

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Grandma and grandpa had a simple ceremony at the church. My parents had an intimate function at home and my sister tied the knot in a well-lit hall with 200 guests in attendance. That is not all that has changed in the wedding business. Today couples go into great lengths to make the dream wedding happen, this is all thanks to the commercialization of the whole concept that came in with the leaps and bounds technology and communications has developed into.

The question to ask really is, how far is anyone willing to go to make this happen. Yes we all have are dreams and aspirations but there are some who pull off wedding that makes our life look like a really shabby collection of life events. But it is nice that many have the financial means to make their special day happen exactly as they want it to be and there is no hate there.

Wedding are anexpensive affair, some might argue it to be vain too. But there are few things that nobody wants to compromise on and photo booth services Singapore is one of them. It is a very important part of any wedding that happens today and is quite an engaging one at that too. There are the basic versions of them with the option of just taking the picture and there are versions of it which includes live feeds that play during the event to versions that pictures can be instantly uploaded into social media or even be printed out immediately. There are many other ways you can add in the fun element into these photo booths. Many service provides offer to set up themed booths. This works amazingly to complete the feel of the event in a grand scale as it has the ability to make the whole event feel like it is more put together or co-ordinated. Then there are booths that let you customize your message, back drop and even the border your picture is printed in. though all of them might not some like much, these little details have the ability to make the guests feel more welcome and included at the event.

At the end of the event, it is actually only the pictures that we will have of any great day that has been a part of our life and it is great that people are coming out with innovative ways to document our journey.

Let’s raise a glass to many happy days more!

Easy tips to Organize the Baby’s First Birthday

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With the workload of parents with a baby in the house, things can be very stressful at times where they tend to be feeling confused in organizing the first birthday of their baby. Yet, nothing can be compared with the immense love of parents and the quality time you spend with the baby. It’s a special occasion for everyone to celebrate the birthday of the little bundle of joy and to renew the bonds within the family and friends. With all the whole year of hard work and sleepless nights, now it’s time to truly rejoice in the priceless moment of your baby turning one with these easy tips.

Budget and Location

It’s not an easy thing to save up cash to sort the bills in a house. In such situations, it is not an easy task to allocate a huge amount for an event. But it’s not mandatory to spend cash to make it elegant. There are several things like arranging the party in the backyard of your house or taking in a outdoor park with the permission of relevant authorities. Also, you can check on some restaurants which rents the place for a reasonable amount with a customized food package. Depending on your preferences, you can see what the best would be to fit in your budget.

Theme and Invitees

There are various fancy birthday themes out there which can make it the best birthday your baby ever had. You can pick it with the baby’s favorite choice of bed time stories or even the toy preference. Themes like hello kitty, Winnie the Pooh and Bunny in the woods can be charming. Once the theme is sorted out, you can create an online paperless invitation card for free and send to your closest friends and family to attend the event. Going paperless will make it go easy on the budget and still very creative. be specific about the times and the snack or meal being served.

Food and Games

The invitees can be of various age categories varying from kids to adult. The palette choices can be very different in this age range. Therefore, having a variety of snacks is the best choice to make it a memorable party. You can go for a mix of DIY finger food and cocktails for adults while having sweet delicates and wraps for the children. Don’t forget on the scrumptious cake of the party which everyone loves. Ice breaker games and children’s games would be the best option to light up the party with laughter and joy. It’s better to come up with a list and have small presents arranged for all kids to take back home.

Capturing Memories

It is a future investment to treasure some good memories with the help of a professional photo shooting studio Singapore will be able to give you the best shots of the baby having a great time in the party as well of the joyful captures of other children and adults. So why not have some nice pictures of your little bundle of joy on this amazing day?

Follow these tips and you can definitely throw one amazing birthday celebration for your precious little one. It’s time to celebrate.