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It is my best friend’s birthday tomorrow and I want to send her a bouquet of flowers. But I can’t quite recall her favourite flower. Help me!

Unless she is ardent fan of a certain flower or there is not a flower that revolts your friend there is a ton of arrangements you can go with. Yellow is a colour universally accepted to convey happiness and friendship so it is a definite must have in your choice, though you can’t recall a favoured flower I am sure you have Intel on the favourite colour and that will go a long way. So a bit of yellow and a lot of her favourite colour almost completes the bouquet. So I would say that you can take a breather now, we got you!

If you call in well before business hours start even on that particular day, we can offer you same day flower delivery Singapore

Will the bouquet that is being delivered do justice to the bouquet as advertised on line?

I understand that you may have had an unfortunate event previously that disappointed you. But the pictures displayed are of the actual bouquets that were sent out and with the very slight change in colour due to the device you are viewing from , there is no way we will disappoint you.

How do cancellations work with regard to flower deliveries?

Each store would have a specific policy they follow, this will depend on the strength of their operations and the frequency of them receiving stocks. While I cannot guarantee that it applies to your vendor, I would say that the return policy would be to refund you money with a minimal processing fee if your cancellation is least 5-3 days ahead of the date of delivery. On cancellations that happen via a rushed call on the day the delivery is scheduled I would not count on receiving a refund!

What if I want to visit your store?

There are some florists that operate on the viral platform with no customer facing boutique but I would say that the majority of them do have a corporate office that serves as a centre for clients to come meet them. If you are visiting them to view a particular arrangement or a type of flower it is best to call ahead to ensure that your requirement can be accommodated. Flower shops work around delivery schedules and supplier visits. So calling a head will save you a lot of trouble.



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