Weddings: their evolution over time

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Grandma and grandpa had a simple ceremony at the church. My parents had an intimate function at home and my sister tied the knot in a well-lit hall with 200 guests in attendance. That is not all that has changed in the wedding business. Today couples go into great lengths to make the dream wedding happen, this is all thanks to the commercialization of the whole concept that came in with the leaps and bounds technology and communications has developed into.

The question to ask really is, how far is anyone willing to go to make this happen. Yes we all have are dreams and aspirations but there are some who pull off wedding that makes our life look like a really shabby collection of life events. But it is nice that many have the financial means to make their special day happen exactly as they want it to be and there is no hate there.

Wedding are anexpensive affair, some might argue it to be vain too. But there are few things that nobody wants to compromise on and photo booth services Singapore is one of them. It is a very important part of any wedding that happens today and is quite an engaging one at that too. There are the basic versions of them with the option of just taking the picture and there are versions of it which includes live feeds that play during the event to versions that pictures can be instantly uploaded into social media or even be printed out immediately. There are many other ways you can add in the fun element into these photo booths. Many service provides offer to set up themed booths. This works amazingly to complete the feel of the event in a grand scale as it has the ability to make the whole event feel like it is more put together or co-ordinated. Then there are booths that let you customize your message, back drop and even the border your picture is printed in. though all of them might not some like much, these little details have the ability to make the guests feel more welcome and included at the event.

At the end of the event, it is actually only the pictures that we will have of any great day that has been a part of our life and it is great that people are coming out with innovative ways to document our journey.

Let’s raise a glass to many happy days more!

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